Consultations on Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area Agreement (DCFTA)

CEP provides quality consultations related to Association Agreement between Georgia and the EU, including horizontal and sectoral advices on DCFTA.CEP also delivers its services for the private sector, the Governmental Agencies and NGOs on the national and international levels. Consultations also include preparation of relevant guidelines and informational materials if needed.
The consultations will be delivered by our professional team members, who were personally working on, first, signing the DCFTA and then cooperating its implementation for various years.

Consultations on Free Trade Agreements

Currently CEP provides professional consultations on free trade agreement between Georgia and the People’s Republic of China, Georgia and Hong – Kong, special administrative region of China, Georgia and EFTA countries (EFTA – European Free Trade Association, incorporates Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Norway).  CEP also delivers consultations on Free Trade Agreement between Georgia and Turkey, and Georgia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. 
The consultations are lead by our professional staff members, who were personally involved in above-mentioned free trade negotiations and, therefore, have the unique expertise.

Regulatory Impact Assessment

Our experienced professional experts at CEP provide quality service to the governmental and international organizations in the area of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA). CEP is capable to conduct RIA on a national legislation as well as EU regulations and directives. Using modern methodologies for the study, we guarantee high quality RIAs with all the needed assessment for your interest.

National Quality Infrastructure

National quality infrastructure (QI) is a main basis of the country’s economy and, therefore, is regulated in a different ways by different countries. By using the QI measures countries are opening or closing their international trade.
CEP’s team has a fundamental knowledge of the reforms and regulations related to the QI. We are ready to share our knowledge and experience to different governmental agencies of the different countries for
effective decision-making. As well as, provide consultations for international organizations to effectively coordinate reforms in the developing or less developed countries.

Trainings and Seminars

CEP organizes trainings and seminars in various topics, such as issues related to Georgia’s Trade Policy, including tariff and non-tariff barriers. Tranings on Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area Agreement and other free trade agreements in force. CEP is also able to provide sector specific trainings based on the DCFTA requirements. 

Advisory Service

CEP offers advisory services related to FTAs and the EU regulations for private companies. Also, consultations for SMEs to comply with adopted legislative requirements within the DCFTA represents one of the main parts of CEP’s Advisory service.